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The Investment and Finance Knowledge Base/ The Financial Encyclopedia provides up-to-date definitions and concepts and almost everything about finance, investment, financial markets, financial instruments and products including stocks, bonds, money market tools, active trading, mutual funds, hedge funds, funds of funds, derivatives, forex, banking, real estate and so on. Content is categorized into sections and subsections, each with its own focus and perspective. The encyclopedia contains more than 30,000 terms covering everyday jargon and terminology of the financial world.

A collection of articles shed more light on all the topics and concepts relevant to the main theme of this website. The "question and answers" section provides concise and precise answers to a wide array of questions we encounter in the investment and finance arena. In tutorials, users would have access to educational materials and how-to guides and instructions. Tools include ideas, insights, books, publications, reports, and financial calculators, among others. Finally, the watcher enlists editor's picks, selected news and analyses, and anything of the sort.

An asset swaption in which the buyer pays fixed and receives floating, while the seller, of course, pays floating and receives fixed. This asset swaption involves the exchange of an agreed reference rate and the rate on an asset underlying the swap. For example, a bank holding ... read more »